Does the K-Supreme Plus still have reliability issues?


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Nov 17, 2020
I can get the K-Supreme for about the price of a K-Elite with some extras from CostCo, but when I last looked them up a few months ago people were complaining that the things kept breaking, some being on their third warranty replacement in just a few months, did they ever work those issues out or are they still notoriously unreliable?
My K60 is just getting worse and worse, I followed pretty much every troubleshooting guide I could find and disassembled it several times, can't fix it, will need to replace it.
A few months ago I was looking into replacements, and I ran into the K-Elite and K-Supreme Plus. If viable, I would like to get the K-Supreme Plus for it's newer features, but back then there was all the issues about how unreliable it was and kept breaking down. Is the K-Supreme still an unreliable mess or did they fix that now?

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