Help Please: Rebuilding old espresso machines, finding parts, etc.

Hi, I'm not that new here, but have not been here for a while... Now looking for advice...
Over the years I have acquired and used three "old style" manual espresso machines and kept one or two running by getting replacement parts, rebuilding as needed, cannibalising parts between the machines.
They are all "Saeco Type" manual machines, specifically a Saeco Via Veneto and a Trevi-Spidem Combi-plus.
Now I think I've run out of options...
The Spidem has failed - steam valve and seal shot, plus, I suspect, other seals... it leaked steam and water. The steam valve body and spindle threads are stripped. I also need the little white steam seal in the valve for when/if I get a new steam valve.
EDIT: I've just discovered that the pump in my back-up machine (the Via Veneto)may have failed... it won't prime. Removed it and trying to force feed it on the bench, but not succeeded yet!
EDIT: UPDATE: pump is quite dead. Took it apart... could not fix it. Took the pump from a third donor machine (also Seaco, even older), tested it.. works fine, so I put it in the Via Veneto which now works well!
We have coffee!
I'd still like to repair the dead pump: it's a ULKA brand (Italy), model E, type EX5, date "11/09/95. The solenoid works (oscillates on 60 Hz AC) but the brass pump piece is blocked. Any rebuild info out there?
I live in just north of Toronto, Canada, and have no local sources for these parts. One local supplier contacted did not even reply... I fear they may just want to sell new machines.
My options seem to be:
1. pursue parts on the Internet, mail order, or
2. Find a scrap machine and hope the valve/stem is still OK, or
3. Scrap the older machines and get something new (I'd give them away for parts.)
But I hate to throw out stuff if it can be fixed...
EDIT: UPDATE: Again, I seem to have sucked myself into a repair cycle... now it's the Trevi-Spidem! I actually have a new valve body for it (bought a couple of years ago), but no steam seal and no valve spindle... any known sources?

All replies gratefully received.
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Well, nearly 100 persons have read my post, but there have been (to date/time) no replies! So, I'd better add one!
No disrespect, but my speculation is...
-- My post was too long and boring...
-- There are no (or very few) coffee machine technicians on this forum (hard to believe!)
-- I'm on the wrong thread... this one seems to be more concerned with new machines, what to buy, how to use them and how they perform (nothing wrong with that.)
-- No-one rebuilds old machine any more... they just buy the latest "Supremo Crema Magnifico Model 100" (is there one?) and enjoy the coffee!
-- Other?
So, is there a coffee machine "technician forum" where one can get information on fixing and restoring vintage machines, also to buy, sell and exchange parts?
Again, thanks for all replies.
Seasons Greetings!
Hello analogdino,

Weekends and the days before (and after) a holiday are very slow on the Coffee Forums website. Since today is Christmas, I don't expect much activity.

Hopefully someone will be able to help you soon.

~ Rose
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I didn't see a question posted... just an explanation of your situation. Repair experts are few and far between in our industry. Best bet for parts is to contact the manf and/or see if they have an authorized repair facility in the your area.
Original too long to repeat...! In summary, I'm looking for a new steam valve spindle (has the steam control knob on it) for an older Seaco Via Veneto or Trevi- Spidem espresso machine (they use the same part), also the little white steam washer inside the valve body. So far, an Internet search has come up with nothing.