Help Please: Keurig K-ELITE C brewer delay between brews


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Mar 8, 2021
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We have a Keurig K-ELITE C brewer we purchased at Costco. I always use the Strong button and the smallest cup size and I brew a regular (non-decaf) pod then a decaf pod. After the first brew is done I take the pod out, put the second pod in and immediately initiate the second brew. Somewhere around 50% of the time the brewer never runs the second brew. I am usually making breakfast when I am brewing so I don't pay strict attention. Then when I go to get my coffee cup from the brewer I see that, not only are the brew button lights out but the brewer has powered off (the power button light is off). Then I have to turn the brewer on again (press the power button), open and close the pod holder (I don't put a new pod in because it never brewed that pod) to fool the brewer into thinking I put a new pod in, and press Strong and the small cup button again to try the brew again. Most of the time this works and the brewer makes the second brew.

After putting up with this for a couple of months I called Keurig support and the lady I spoke with asked if I descaled my brewer and I said no and she said that can cause this behavior. She talked me through a descale process. But that did not fix the problem. So I returned the brewer to Costco and they refunded me. Then I immediately purchased another brewer of the same model before leaving the store. This time I purchased Keurig's official descaling solution and have been using it every 3 months (Keurig says every 2 to 3 months is the recommended interval). I am on a subscription plan for Keurig to send me the descaling solution. I have been doing this now for maybe 9 months and this brewer has the same problem described above. In other words, regular descaling has pretty much not affected the issue.

Has anyone else seen this behavior with Keurig brewers? This is a minor annoyance for me when I am using the brewer for myself and my wife only uses one pod so it doesn't affect her. But if we we had a group of friends over for coffee I can see where this problem would probably result in me throwing the dang thing out the window.