Easy-to-use espresso maker


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Jun 29, 2010
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Hello, after years of drinking second-rate coffee I've finally decided to get into the upper class. :) SO I'm looking for a machine that will meet these requirements:

- automatic
- easy-to-use with as less maintenance as possible - my folks are not so technically capable
- only type of coffee it needs to make is espresso, but if it were able to make a regular coffee ( bigger cup and not so strong as espresso ), I'd be happy. Included frothing device would be awesome as well, but I can always buy milk island.
- price shouldn't be higher than 1900$

Thanks for help!


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Aug 15, 2005
Central North Carolina
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How automatic are you expecting a new machine to be? Do you want something that will grind, dose, tamp, extract for you? I'm certainly no authority on anything in this area as I am hands-on.

"Regular" coffee can be achieved by extracting espresso and diluting with water, a.k.a. Americano. Some make the tragic mistake of letting the espresso run way too long in an effort to duplicate and usually end up with a bitter mess.

A budget of $1,900 (USD?) sounds decent, but if you go with something that does all the work for you and requires little maintenance you will still be drinking 2nd rate coffee. It will be consistent/repeatable, but IMO that's about all you shall get when you let a machine do the work for you. Sorry I'm not of more help in your quest for upper class coffee... maybe others can help in this area. Later!