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Mar 22, 2010
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when I sold my shop, I had in mind to spend some time out of town. since having to take it back, I've worked really hard since January to get things running smoothly. ( has it only been 5 months?) thought I had things in place to be away for about 5 days. still weekdays, weekends can be a bit crazy. the day before I was to leave I had an employee ask to speak to me. oh no, from him it was going to be drama. he was correcting his supervisor in front of customers and she snapped at him. he said he couldn't work in such a "hostile environment"

I had no sympathy, told him to review his own behavior for clues about the perceived problem. he quit and I'm just fine with that. but I'm going to get back from visiting my son, wife and kids to make sure there is enough help for the days he won't be there.

anyway. is it unrealistic to think I can go away a week at a time?

hope to pick up pipe to install roaster and drop of espresso machine to be overhauled on this trip

John P

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Jan 5, 2007
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It is better to go during a slow time of year, but ultimately you should go
A) When it's best for your business,
B) When it's best for you.
... in that order. (more or less)

We don't have employees. We did for a while. They couldn't cut it, and frankly, I don't want 'em.
We have a more Asian/European small shop ideal. When we want to go for vacation, or to attend CoffeeFest or USBC, etc., we just close and go. We take about 2 trips a year. Maybe a week or two at most. Everything is always here when we get back. Our customers are extremely loyal, and our business usually goes up when we come back... so it all works out.

If you don't have people you can trust to be your voice while you are gone, then fire them and hire someone you can trust. Life's too short to let someone f*** up your hard work. But if you have a great staff, that's a Golden Ticket.