Enclosed Mobile Espresso Cafe


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Jun 15, 2005
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I've read all the posts regarding mobile espresso units and I have a little different spin on the idea. I'm thinking of a B2B solution, where the company would solicit to businesses and develope routes where you would schedule a delivery service; taking orders over the internet/phone and dropping off the drinks to the various busnesses on your route.

It seems that this would work perfectly for business parks, etc. and you would still have the flexibility to work events from the same mobile unit as well.

Has anyone seen a mobile unit that is fully enclosed for the barrista? (Meaning that he/she prepares drinks from the inside of the unit?)

Any other comments on the above idea?

We currently are up to about 5 businesses a day...need more. Its all about sales...right now my mobile is not yet equipped but we're working on it. We simply make them on site and drive them to our clients.

an inside job

I saw a unit at a local concert venue, looked like a trolley car. I've seen links to that company on this forum, somewhere. I've seen a couple trolleys at events, and they weren't set up as espresso operations, although the one I just saw was.

A lot of windows on 4 sides, nice for the customers to see all the equipment, counters, cleanliness of the space, plus the workers can see out in all directions. It was airconditioned, with a diesel generator running under the trailer. And yeah, it was a trailer, with a big crew cab pickup truck in front, and a combined size you usually see when someone is pulling a substantial RV or multi-stall horse trailer. Not too negotiable in tight spaces.

Looked like a King's Ransom was involved in the original outlay. The advantage to me seemed to be the enclosed counter spaces, which enables the workers to do food prep, but this operation was not not taking advantage of that aspect.