Espresso Blend


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Aug 5, 2008
St. Louis M.O.
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So I'm competing in the barsita competition this january, and I need an espresso blend...

can anyone speak to a particularly good blend? Or single origin for that matter? I just need the coffee to have a deep flavor profile, not like a brazil that is notoriously sweet.

I can use one blend for straight up espressos and another for my cappas, so I'm considering a stronger flavor for the cappas, and a more bright, citrusy flavor for the espressos.


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If you are looking for a bright citrusy espresso then I would not exclude Brazil. Some have very nice citrus profile. Fazenda Cachoeira for example. Also, some El Salvadorian pulped naturals are good candidates. For deeper blend I would suggest instead of typically Sumatra, try about 15% aged Sumatra.