Espresso Machine & Coffee Brewer Energy Savings vs Wear


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Jan 19, 2008
Cocoa Beach, FL
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Just opening my shop and was wondering what the best practices are for turning off the espresso machine and brewer when not in operation? I have La Pavoni BAR 3V 3 group espresso machine an a Bunn ICB Twin Coffee Brewer.


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Aug 11, 2004
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Until someone plugs there espresso machine in to a metering device I can't tell you what you'll save on energy needs by shutting it off. As for shutting the machine down every night you will kill rubber gaskets faster.

But if you price out your rubber seal o-rings and steam valve and arm kits the cost of replacement really isn't that much. If you can do your own repair that is. I tell all my clients to leave the machine on but the truth of the matter is it really will only extend the life of the rubber gaskets by a month or two tops. Even then its tricky to say that because the usage factor always comes in to play on how long your gaskets will last.

From experience anything with a paper gasket or Teflon gasket will survive shutdowns every day just fine. Over time the paper gasket will fail do to age more then anything else.

Now your Bunn ICB Twin has a built in power save mode that you can enable to take the tank temp down to 140F during time of inactivity. If you break out your user manual and flip over to page 38 it describes how to do this. Otherwise you can use this link here: ... 2.0001.pdf

When possible I set it for 2.5 hours that way if you are brewing new batches every 2 hours the water will always be hot and you can start the next batch without waiting for it to recover. Then after 2.5 hours it will shut down the heating element and allow the water to cool down to 140F.

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