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Does anyone use the Astoria Divina espresso machine? I'm thinking of getting it with the propane kit and was wondering if anyone has experience with it or any other propane powered machines. The electricity in my town is spotty at best. We are completely on solar because of it but I'm worried it might not have enough juice to run my house as well as the machines for my soon to be cafe.

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Nov 6, 2005
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Propane Espresso Machine

I haven't used the Astoria Divina, but using propane to fire the boiler is an old tradition in Italy. If you're really worried about pelectricity, you should probably try and find a "Piston" type machine as they require no electricity. Otherwise a semi-automatic should work well in your location. Try looking on the Rosito-Bisani website and email them. They should be able to get you a propane fired unit. You can link to them through my site or directly at