Established shop that wants to start delivery


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Nov 17, 2004
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I would like to start a call ahead delivery service. I am located next to 2 major hospitals and 5 very large office buildings. I would appreciate some feedback on how to establish this side of the business.

For Example
How to keep drinks hot?
Delivery charge?

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May 31, 2005
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I have also been thinking about a delivery service as well. The delivery charge is up to you, its whatever the market will bare, I was thinking of a graduating scale so the more drinks you order the less per drink you have to pay to the point if you order enough then there is no charge.
However I haven's seen anything to keep them warm. I was thinking something similar to pizza carriers but having drink holders that can stack. My two cents not sure if it would work, still need to look around for bags.


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Apr 17, 2005
Modesto, CA
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We've Done It

We added delivery, free with orders $10 or more, and I only make one delivery at a time so I don't worry about keeping things cold or hot - I put them in a restaurant dish holder I bought for $20 - holds 8 drinks easy. I have two of them. We take whip with us and add it just before walkin in so its fresh and looks great on the cold drinks.

To sell it we put up signs on our drive through, and I had one of my employees go office to office handing out menus. Since then its dropped off a lot - we were up to 5 deliveries a day of large orders but are since down to about 2.

One thing I noticed - people like to get out of the office....darn it.