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Sep 8, 2003
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Euro Coffee Reviews: WWW Sampler

Warning!-Amateur Review. My own predispositions regarding coffee: I like a smooth, flavorful but balanced and somewhat acid coffee, one I can drink in volume without becoming either tired of or overwhelmed by the flavor. I usually find very exotic coffee fine by the single cup, but tedious or oppressive by the pot. I prefer freshly roasted whole bean coffee freshly French Pressed. And so…

1. Baritone Roast:

Appearance: Dark roast appearance- dark brown/black with surface oil

Aroma: Sharp aroma, like French Roasts

Beans: Flavorful with sharp finish

Brew: Deep brown with slightly sharp aroma finish. Smooth, with sharp aroma of dark roast but no bitterness. It’s as smooth as the roasters claim: unlike most French Roasts, I can drink a whole pot of this, non-stop, without ODing on the dark roast quality. It truly is, as the roasters state, a medium-dark roast. Nice sweet spot for my tastes.

2. Euro Roast House Blend

Appearance: Medium roasted with bright deep brown very lightly oided surface

Aroma: Sweet caramel

Beans: Sweet caramel flavor- no discernable bitterness

Brew: Medium-rich body, predominantly caramel flavor. Not unpleasant, but strong and unrelenting. Almost tastes as if it were “flavored.â€
Joefresheman.....are you the person I think you are? If you did you like the peaberry? or the new guats? Oh....and the new Sumatras?
No Sneakers?

Hey, I'm not me (Knotme). So if you think you know who it is, it isn't. Besides, how can I harass you if you know where I live?

Now, about that "peabody..." (wink) I'm still cleaning out this dang turkish green/mildew wood bean I picked-up in Mobile. I'm running out of TSP to scrub my system. I'll try 'em as soon as I get rid of that dang flavor.