Expobar work on 50hz power?


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Jul 16, 2005
Hampstead, MD
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Since Whole Latta Love (US distributor) doesn't seem to be able to provide an answer (non-responsive for over a month), perhaps someone in this group has some insight. I have been reassigned to europe and wonder if my Expobar Office Control will work on 220v 50hz power (with step down transformer of course).

Thanks - Rick
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I can't believe I waited 2months for this reply for WLL:

You will have to contact an electrician in the area where you are moving to, they will be able to tell you how the circuits run there and give you the proper information. Meanwhile, your machine may not need to be stepped down.

Hmmm! what exactly does that mean??? :?
The heater does not care what frequency you are running at and all circuit breakers and primary switched power supplies (if any) won't care either.
However, asynchronous engines such as pumps and grinders does care about the frequency, but as long as you step down the frequency, you will be all right. The other way round would probably work as well as there are always margins on terms of how much heat a motor can handle, but it wouldn't use it continuos.

I don't know how much power the heater in an Expobar Office Control uses but you will probably need a _large_ transformer as it's somewhere in the 2-4 kW region.

Good luck!
/Andreas, Electronic engineering student from Sweden