Fair price , market price for specialty coffees with example


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Oct 26, 2007
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In an effort to generate target prices for home roasters, I would like to suggest we create a permanent list of the best per pound market prices (FOB distributor) for 5lb and 25lb quantities of various coffes. Privately, I created a spreadsheet that adds freight to Colorado and provides a landed per-pound number. The 5 lb was chosen as a beginning point, because it fits nicely into a standard USPS Priority mail box and that method remains fairly stable in terms of cost and delivery time. The 25 lb is to get some insight into quantity discounting (often significant).
The goal would be to establish a fair and reasonable price for these coffees.
*note* FairTrade/Rainforest Alliance/ entries should be identified because they represent a premium (albeit one we should all support to some degree) Organic is another posting subject and has a lot to do with paying the certification fees. Most Arabica coffee is grown in an organic way and warrants an ''o''= organic, but not certified
Here''s a few I''ve found: (keep in mind that coffee is a CROP and availability and sources change with the seasons). These are coffee varieties that I buy to roast and re-sell and may not represent some of the more exotic terroirs available today. These are per lb costs.
The tabs will be edited out, so expand the table appropriately

Variety | O/R/F | 5lb | 25lb | notes
Mexican Chiapas O 3.99 3.59* based on 10lb
Java Estate o 5.00 3.60
Yemen Mocha Matari o 5.25 5.15
Yemen Mokha Haimi o 6.60 5.08* 20lb


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Feb 16, 2007
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5 - 25 lbs

As far as shipping goes, I have found that 10, and 15 lbs are the most economical they still fit into the USPS box for 8.95 shipping. I am not quite sure what you are suggesting. Would this be a way for us to buy coffee?
Would suggest you rename the "Java Estate", if indeed it is an organic coffee. All the Estates, which normally by defintition means a gvt owned plantation in Java are non organic. Nearly every other coffee grown outside the organised plantation systems is conversely organic- often by default. Which estate is this coffee from, I can very quickly give you the yay or nah on the sellers pitch that it is non-certified but organic.

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