Fancy Coffee on the Cheap?

:evil: You have got to be kidding me!! I can not believe they even wrote that garbage! I was in a bad mood when I got to work and that just made it worse! Anyone who reads that do me a favor and do not believe it. Espresso can not be made in a drip machine...espresso....ARGH!! O.K. Maybe I should have read that and laughed but the truth is someone is going to read that and I can now do it at home and dirt cheap...oh well my blood pressure is now up...thanks tintinet![/b]
O.K. sorry bout that...I have had my coffee and I am not such a grump now. This just cheaper way to make lemonade! Take 2 lemon heads hard candy and just add water!! :wink: grump no sarcastic yes
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No offense intended!

Sorry, man! Didn't mean to ruin your day! Just saw this little "Better Homes" do-it-yourself story and thought it might be somewhat amusing.

I don't think there's any threat to your biz here!