Feedback on my site?

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Jan 17, 2007
Bear, DE
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demetri said:
Looks like it's only there for the purpose of displaying adsense.
Yeah, I have adsense on there to try to cover the cost of the hosting, but I was hoping some people would find the articles, tips, and other information that I provide useful.

Edit: To be a little more descriptive with regards to the use of AdSense, it's the primary means of covering my costs for the site. I wanted to provide some free information. I was trying to decide how to best display the ads so they're not too obtrusive, so I'll have to play around with that.

I was also considering adding product links to Amazon on the same page where I describe the different types of coffee products (maker, grinder, etc). This would allow me to remove some Google ads from the page while offering the opportunity to buy something that a visitor might appreciate more than miscellaneous coffee ads. That might help make a better balance with less ads but still providing the chance to cover my expenses.

(On a side note, I apologize for the link in my first post. I didn't read the FAQ for this forum first like I should have.)


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Jul 18, 2006
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It's like so many other built for adsense sites. It'll be banned by Google before long if it hasn't already, though you need to get into the index first.

Your blog has the adsense and some utility to it. If your coffee website had the same utility I would have said "Great site".


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Feb 24, 2007
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Free Coffee info?

Since you are being alturistic... and you don't want to spend $7 a month for (the cost of a server) ,to spead the good " coffee" word. Try "My Space" or some other type free "peer to peer", "networking"services". Those are free then you wont have to resort to "adsense".
But lets get real, O.K. you don't need the google ads unless you are trying to make money. Lets be honest here. :roll:


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Mar 6, 2007
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looks like a pretty fair site... I''d say it doesn''t need so much adsense though. Adsense is good to a point, I use adsense for helping people find what they''re looking for if they don''t find it at my site, and also for a little bit of extra income. This website has adsense too you''ll notice... though most of the ads are for(of course) coffee so us coffee drinkers are more likely to click on them, and even find what we''re looking for a lot of the time! you''re not just displaying ads, you''re also doing the advertisers a favor plus you''re doing your customers a favor by giving them something to click on(ever been to the last page? uhg!). sometimes people need different info than you give them, or need some hard goods that you don''t offer, that''s what''s great about ads...


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Oct 18, 2004
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Hmm ... I see some similarities here:

Buying Tip (from established 1998
When purchasing coffee, always ask when it was roasted. Generally coffee is best if used a day or two after roasting, and if kept in an air tight container, flavor should not diminish significantly until after seven to ten days. Old coffee beans may appear very oily, will have little or no aroma, or will take on a somewhat unpleasant aroma.

Selecting Beans (from your site)
When purchasing, ask when the coffee beans were roasted. Coffee is generally best one to two days after being roasted. If kept in air-tight containers, the flavor should remain for about seven to ten days. Older coffee beans are generally oilier, have a weak aroma, or have an unpleasant aroma. For maximum freshness, it is suggested to buy small quantities more often.

just one example. we do appreciate the link from your links page, but we are not in high school writing class. :)

- matt


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Feb 16, 2007
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I agree there are too many adsense adds. If the site is just for information about coffee than that is what it should be. If you want to make money you should sell things yourself on the site, you would make more. I would be happy to trade links with you just PM me.