Fetco Airpot problem

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Jul 25, 2009
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For our new coffee shop, last year I purchaced 6 brand new Fetco 3 liter airpots. Since then every pumper head on the pots have broken. After disassembling all the pumper heads, I discovered that the internal lever than pushes directly on the bellows, was split. Each pumper head, and each break in the same exact spot. Which lead me to believe that this was a defect in the design. I contacted Fetco Tech support, but they said that this is a very unusual problem. They said that all I had to do was purchase from them, 6 new pumper heads. I've already spent good money on quality airpots, so I don't believe that I should be replacing parts. I would like to find out if in fact this is an unusual problem. Please let me know if you have had the same type of problem with these airpots.