Figuring out the type of maker I have


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Aug 1, 2009
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This sounds stupid, I know, but I recently picked up an Italian stovetop espresso maker at a garage sale and I know nothing about it.

It doesn't have a manufacturer listed on it that I can find (at least not one that I can match up on the Internet), although it does have a few things written inside the lid. It says "CRUSINALO" or something close to that. It's seen a lot of wear. It says that it is made in Italy, and also lists out "A B C " diagonally on the lid. At it has an "AB" and and "E2" on the lid.

I don't even know how many cups it makes, although it is small, because I don't know whether a cup is a U.S. literal cup, or another measurement like the one used in my hot pot (which says it is a 6-cup machine) but holds closer to four.

I have other questions, but I will post them separately, just to be clear.

Thank you very much.