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Jul 5, 2010
P.R. of China
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Hi, every one! So happy to be here!
I've been trying the registration since last Friday. I don't know why but I tried 3 different E-mails just for that and I didn't receive any activation E-mail until tonight.
Finally I got one activation mail in the trash folder after several times' resending activation E-mail.

I am Chinese, and right now on a bussiness trip in Mexico City. Maybe you think that Chinese people prefer tea rather than coffee. However, I am a special person who loves coffee. And also in China I have some crazy friends who roast coffee by themselves, just as kind of interest, at home!!

Before I leave this country, I will try to buy some Mexican coffee beans before roasting, for my friends in China. Also I wonder if I can get some recommendation from here.

Good luck to everybody, and nice to meet you all !!
Looking forwarding to some deep communication here !!