Flat bottom vs.cone -shaped filter baskets


Jan 11, 2021
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I did a search before posting but didn’t find any information.
I’ve always used a coffee maker with a cone filter basket but I am now considering buying a coffee maker with a flat bottom filter basket. Is there any advantage to the flat bottom over the cone in terms of brewing consistency?
I did a quick search on the Internet for makers of flat bottom filters, but seems to be thin supply.
I didn’t see any on the Filtropa website which I understand is a good quality filter.

Flat bottom seems to be for drip coffee makers who's plastic basket has a flat bottom. The cone shaped ones seem to be for pour over device. I can't guarantee this but that's just my observation. Our drip coffee maker has a flat bottom. I've been thinking of getting a Bodum pour over. Based upon the design i would think the cone shape would be preferable because I assume you can get better saturation of the grinds assuming you are able to get the water poured over the entire top surface of the grinds.
My inquiring mind wants to know.
How do you presoak the filter? Do you put it in a glass of water and then wring it out before using it. ???

~ Just wondering . . .

LOL! It is easy to overthink this, right? Just put the filter in the basket and fill with water...no grounds until after you pour out the water or allow the water to drain out! Now you can be just as non OCD as me!
On the Technivorm website, in answer to a question about the necessity of making a full pot each time when brewing with the Grand model coffeemakers, was the following:

“The flat-bottom, commercial type, brew-basket (filter), needs sufficient coffee bed depth and water ratio to assure essential saturation and extraction."

That suggests, at least, that conical brew-baskets are necessary to achieve sufficient coffee bed depths with smaller volumes of coffee.