Fluffy foam OR Smooth microfoam


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Jan 16, 2005
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I am very satisfied with my GAGGIA baby which I used for 2 years. My concern is about making the FOAM.

I understand that there are two types of foams:
1) For cappuccino : it is fluffy and float at the top of the drink.
2) For latte : it should be microfoam and smooth. Also, it should pour with the drink and does not float at the top.

I am proffessional to make the former but I am tired to do the latter :( I alawys make Latte but I always fail to make it right. I always end up with fluffy foam (not large bubbles) which float at the top :cry:

I tried to make steaming with shorter time but the same no smooth microfoam, just less fluffy foam floating :!:

I wonder how some famous cafe like Best Seattle make it smooth microfoam from the top of the drink till the bottm? Any one can guide?