Francis Francis X1, 1st Generation Repair Help


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Feb 11, 2015
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Have had our X1 for 14 years, and it's worked great the whole time until recently. Long story short, we have dripping after the coffee is made... I took the machine apart, and what I found is that when I remove the spring with the rubber piece attached, inside the hole where the coffee comes out was a bunch of torn up red rubber... it looks to me like there was likely a rubber washer inside the metal part, that the rubber on the end of the spring made contact with to make a seal... but that washer is now torn to bits somehow. Anyway, is that correct? Is there a rubber washer that goes in there? Any way to buy that washer, or is it part of the boiler (aluminum in my case)? Can I just put any washer that will fit? I know this machine is very old, but we love how it looks and the coffee it makes... very much would appreciate some guidance.

Thank you.