Franke Flair steam and hot water wand blocked


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Nov 26, 2012
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Hi all,
I have a Franke Flair, it was in bits, never seen a coffee machine in this horrible condition, got it for 120 euro, even this price was to high compared with the sate of it.. I rebuilt it from scratch...all valves full of corrosion, took it one by one and cleaned and put them back. I put a lot of work in it to keep it down the cost of some parts which otherwise had to be replaced. It is running great, the only issue I am having and I can not find any way to fix, the hot water & steam wand both shows the message as blocked. It seems that the coffee machine was in a place where both were disable due to safety issues. The official answer is Terminal 3000 device, the only device can unblock it. The cost is higher than purchasing a used main board. I tried to check which electronic part is storing the settings to replace not that easy like a PC to clear the CMOS settings to default. Any help is appreciated.
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Hi, just now noticed your message, no, it is the same, both are blocked. I just sold the old brother of it Franke Saphira, now Flair is active. I have to find a way to unblock the two options, not so many resources/help on line in this regard.