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May 5, 2006
I've been using a French press for about a year. I had been using a blade grinder, but I switched to a burr grinder. My question is this: how much coffee powder should there be in press? How much should I allow. The burr grinder does a much better job of ensuring a uniform grind, but there is some dust. Short of sifting the grinds to get rid of the dust, is there anything I can do? Should I even care? I notice some dust in the coffee after I've poured it.

Thanks for your help!

Dark Majestic

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May 4, 2006
Hello ...

There will always be some grind in the bottom of the cup and in general there should be less of this with a burr grinder. Try different settings on your grinder if the grinds seem excessive to you ... mostly there should be a tad of grinds at the bottom of the cup ... other then that they should not be noticeable until you finish the cup.

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