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Mar 27, 2005
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Hi !
I´m writing a new business plan right now and i need to convince one of my investors about the positive things about in-shop roasting.This guy don´t drink coffee...he had just the bucks in the eyes....but nevertheless he is interested.

My english isn´t very good anyway i try to explain what i need to know..

Okay for example i buy some original italian coffee...directly from La Italia...
They packed the coffee directly after the roasting in aroma packs (K-packs you say?) and then ship this whole package to me...
I´m not sleeping at all, roasting my own coffee and exactly when the italian package arrived i have a roast ready(what a coincidence..;-)

we suppose the coffees have the same beans and all..the only difference is the time between the roasts...
Now....finally..the question.....
Can i taste the difference between these two coffees? I mean the italian coffee was about 2 weeks on the road(i live in Sweden!) and mine is the very fresh one.....

Just in a short desription...what is the REAL plus with in store roast........and i dón´t mean the show effect...
What your thing how long you can say it´s FRESH coffee...even with K-packs ???

Thx a lot
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smee again

whoooo 82 english must be worser then i thought :shock:

okay i try a new one...

it´s just a example
i got two i get very fresh one from topher :wink: he lays all his knowledge and skills in this and his ambex 60 was never better before...
the other one i got from Mr. Illy himself directly from Italy....

I brew both of them under exactly the same conditions and the only diffrence between these two are the age...the italian was about 2-3 weeks on his way and was packed in a K-pack....

So what is the difference between the Topher Master roast and the Illy Formula One ?
I mean there a about 25000 bucks investment between them...and what is the afford when it comes to taste ... ?

Thx for the views.........and mybe the personal attitude makes it possible to get an answer :?

From what I understand, coffee beans have an ideal freshness time of about two weeks. If you are getting your beans two weeks after raosting, they might have lost some of their flavoring.

I am not familiar with aroma packs, but I am guessing that it is a method of preservation. In which case, the beans may have a longer lifespan than two weeks.

I'd imagine the best reason for being able to roast yourself is the ability to customize your flavors and experiment with roast times. And who knows... maybe you could sell fresh roasted beans! :)

Best of luck!
Your first e-mail asked the right question. Can you taste the difference? Some people can taste the difference and others cannot.

If the coffee is allowed to degas and nitrogen flushed before packaging and it is not vacuum packed, then the coffee can stay fresh for a lot longer then 2 weeks until it is opened.

Of course, some people will be able to taste the difference between something same day out of the roaster and something packaged, even 1 week old. But they are few and far between.

If people could taste the difference and knew what a difference it was, nobody would buy coffee at McDonalds or Starbucks. Folgers and Maxwell House would be forgotten. But they are not.

So who are you customers and what are they going to notice? If the main reason you want Italian coffee is for marketing purposes, the origin may net out more important than the freshness in and of itself. If there are many Italian coffees around, you may choose to differentiate through freshness.

Quality is a subjective experience. There has been some interesting research done by brain scanning people during branded and blind taste tests. The anticipation of the brand causes different parts of the brain to light up when people consume the same product. The marketing matters in perception of taste.

Good luck.
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thx for replying....

very nice´re absolutely right. i was today in a coffeeshop jere in town to make some "research" of a competitor...and everything there was in the italian way..the furniture, the posters on the wall, paninis and biscottis everywhere...and they sold Café Mauro from italy..
I asked the gril behind the desk how often the order/get the coffee from italy and she said every two words!

The customers seemed to be happy the cashflow was steady, sun was shining and my macchiato tastes like bitter bread....

but the ambient was italian...and i think that is what the uneducated customer want...a feeling and something like a coffee...

I think i´ve to educate my future customers to really make the difference.....because i´m not italian ;-)