Why Does The Crowd Prefer Dark Roasted Beans? Any Tips On Optimizing The Roasting Process?


May 21, 2022
Southeast USA
This is an interesting and educational thread, in that, at least two very experienced roasters/consumers have made the point that taste preference is an individual thing, it evolves with thoughtful tasting and there are a number of variables beyond roast. I tend to prefer a full city to a full city + roast depending on the bean variety. But one of the things I like most about coffee is the process of experimenting to find a great cup for you. I'm currently trying a new PNG bean and started with the full city, will next try the full city+ and may end up blending the two. One of my favorites with another origin is a 50/50 blend of the two roasts. Like food or wine, experiencing different tastes is a big part of the enjoyment for me. Of course, if you're running a coffee business that's a whole different problem and I guess what the "crowd" thinks matters.

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