Gaggia Baby Class Solenoid Valve


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Mar 8, 2021
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Hi All,
I have a simple question that I hope can be answered here.
I have a Gaggia Baby Class about 5 years old. I turn the machine on a press the brew button, the pump starts however no water is pumped from brew head but the hose from boiler to steam tap pressurises, hot water squirts out from hose joints. When I press the steam button the machine can generate steam successfully.
I have cleaned and descaled the brew head, the boiler and the solenoid valve, all holes seem to be unblocked as I can blow air through them.
I’m no expert but this seems to indicate that the valve is faulty, I don’t think it’s opening for brewing.
These valves are expensive, first am I on the right track and second how do I verify that the valve is faulty before buying a new one?
Thanks in advance
Testing a solenoid coil is fairly simple. It can be done without a multimeter too. When the solenoid is activated, the solenoid coil creates a magnetic field that rotates, pulls, or pushes a piston so that the holes line up or not depending on the function needed. you can remove the solenoid coil from the solenoid assembly, keeping the electric connections in place. Use a rubber gripped screwdriver to test if a magnetic field is created when the brew button is pushed. If not, the coil is bad. Purchasing just the coil ($18 USD) is cheaper than purchasing a complete valve assembly ($50 - $65 USD). There also may be a rebuild kit that provides a new piston spring, o-rings, etc. Hope this helps!

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Many thanks Mr.Peaberry for this procedure. In my case no magnetic field is created which indicates the coil is faulty. The solenoid body looks in good shape so I'll just replace the coil, item seem to be available here. Thanks again Dave