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Mar 16, 2009
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Hello,I am new to this site,any info on the following I would really appreciate very much indeed.My problem is with a Gaggia Baby Twin coffee maker.It has been back to Gaggia UK four times with various problems,mainly to do with the steam device and lack of it.At the moment I have an empty space on the kitchen table where it should be.Gaggia tell me I am now likely to get a new replacement.They are hard work to talk to.I have been told of another customer living near me(by the Parcelforce man)that he has collected a machine from another customer 3 times also !Is there a fundamental problem with this machine ? 320 quid is a lot of money to spend to get this level of 'enjoyment'.I ordered a Gaggia mdf Grinder at the same time,1 year and 3 months ago ! I am still waiting for the damn thing.Incidentally,the company I used was called 'my' I am really disappointed in them.They kept telling me Gaggia have a problem and are still waiting for delivery.Don't use 'my' once they have your money they seem not to care.I feel like going to the Gaggia stand in selfridges and telling the fellow his machines are junk.My friend owns a Cafe in Covent Garden and thinks Gaggia is over-rated they can do commercial machines but domestic are rubbish.My experience bears this out.Any help would be much appreciated.Regards Rob.
Hello Rob, Gaggia's marketing people would be grinding their teeth reading this posting. Gaggia (one of the grandaddys of Espresso machine manufacturing) is actually now owned by SAECO. Without blaming the product directly, I would say your beef first and foremost should be with the retailer you purchased the machine from. Waiting over a year for a grinder, for example, seems very odd. If I was you I would tak your complaints directly to SAECO/Gaggia and if they give you no joy, then to the British Consumer. You should give the manufacturer a chance first- just in case the story you are getting from the retailer is not accurate.