Gaggia Synchrony Compact Brew Group Motor


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Jan 29, 2012
Leeds, England
Hi Folks.

I've had a Gaggia Synchrony Compact for the past 5-6 Years and I use it many times every day. It has always been well looked after and it has never let me down. That is until yesterday.

After dispensing an espresso the machine suddenly started making a straining noise as the brew group returned to it's rest position. After about 30 secs the warning light came on and I found the brew group hadn't retuned correctly. I managed to get the BG out but the motor refuses to return correctly.

I observed the movement of spindle with the brew group removed (by shorting the 3 microswiches). It turns very slowly, making the same staining noise, first in one direction then the other but doesn't return to the correct position to insert the BG. Even with the BG removed the warning light comes on every time.

I opened the unit up to investigate (this is the first time iv'e been inside). I removed the boiler and the pump to gain access to the motor and gears and then removed the motor. All the wiring was fine and the gears were oiled and moved freely with the motor removed.

Now I think this means I need a new motor (which is how I managed to stumble upon this forum). I have found various spares places online but non seem to stock the BG motor. Does anyone know where I can get one delivered to the UK or alternatively does anyone know the specification of the motor to I can order a standard one from a electrical component supplier.

One additional question. When I reassemble the unit again (assuming i manage to find a motor), is the installation position of the gears critical, or will the machine simply set itself back to the correct place using the micro switches if I turn it on without the BG in (shorting out the safety switches again).

I would really appreciate your help with this. I realise it's an old machine but its always been so good to me and frankly I cant afford to replace it at present. I can't live without espresso.

Many, Many Thanks in Advance.



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Apr 10, 2011
I bought parts for my Synchrony Compact Digital at
They were helpful on the phone and prompt in shipping to me here in Texas.


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Aug 31, 2012
I had this problem: the power transistor (TIP33C) on the control board was defective, resulting in ~6 volts to the motor rather than normal ~30 volts with the consequence that it only just turned the gears. Replacing the TIP33C is fairly easy (large transistor on the heatsink). Ensure that you use good heatsink grease (overheating of the transistor may well have caused its failure).

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