Need help with Saeco Royal Professional test mode key sequence


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Jan 6, 2019
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Hi All, I have a Saeco Royal Professional (the newer redesign with 2 rows of 3 buttons). I found a PDF technical manual that I referenced to change the brew group gears. After attaching the gear box back to the machine the manual it says to: a) "Screw on the instantanous water heater, but do not fasten the screws completely. Insert the brew unit and drive it into brew position using the test mode. Fasten the lower fixing screw." b) "Drive the brew unit into home position, remove the brew unit and fasten the upper screw" I know the key presses to enter service mode, however I haven't found the key sequence to move the brew unit as stated above. I did find a PDF that instructs how to move the brew unit forward and reverse. But which way is brew position and which way is home? Anyone have better directions, or a link to the proper sequence for this? Thanks, Michael
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