Gano excel FDA warning letter

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Mar 7, 2003
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This would be the first good hard evidence (good or bad) I've read regaring the gano excel coffee and corporation. ... xcel.shtml

FDA has tagged gano excel with a warning and this will draw out gano excel company and their ganoderma coffee as either being fraudulent, quackery, snake oil ... or perhaps their product realy does things such as :

  • Ganoderma helps to detect hidden diseases... ”
    Ganoderma, “is known . . . for its power to remove...excess cholesterol.... ”
    Under “Why we need to take Ganoderma ?” it states that Ganoderma “has the ability.. . to discover if we have hidden diseases in the body. Then it removes the toxins and enables the body to treat a wide spectrum of diseases with the natural immune system. ”
    The “Testimony” section of your website promotes Gano Excel for the treatment of gout, diabetes, and psoriasis.

but then again the FDA says
These drugs are misbranded within the meaning of section 502(f)(1) of the Act, in that the labeling for these drugs fails to bear adequate directions for use.
Marketing a dietary supplement with express or implied claims to prevent, treat, mitigate, cure, or diagnose a specific disease, or class of diseases, violates the Act unless FDA has authorized the claim in accordance with applicable health claim regulations,
:D I know that I love the way the coffee tastes and so does everyone that i give a sample too. I know it has made me and others feel better, sleep better at night and That is what i am going on. When I get a phone call from someone telling me what it has done for them, and they want to get involved and tell others and make money. So I do not sell this on promises but i give sample and they tell me what it does for them. The money just comes. But most of all is it tastes great. If it didn't we would not be here or I would not. I love coffee and anyone can get a free sample and see for themselves.
by the way, im sooo not trying to advertise here, im just trying to ask about noni juice, never tried it, its expensive
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Alun_evans said:
Rowley, reading between the lines in the FDA letter could this be the reason Gano is now being sold as a coffee??? I would imagine that this would bypass the FDA's health supplement regulations which are pretty intense.
I would assume that if it is being sold as a coffee, pill or tea. in any form you cannot have a dietary product be advertised in any manner that pushes your product as a 'cure-all' or snake oil basically.

But you are right , the article clearly points out its focus on the Ganoderma capsules, Excellium capsules, and Sakanno as dietary supplements. with no mention of ganoderma coffee.

The gano derma products have worked so well for me, and my family. Frankly I'm not surprised that the FDA would look for some loop hole to stop Americans from wanting to be healthy. The big drug companies will loose money and fold if consumers find healthy less expensive ways to deal with ailments. Marie [/b]
in response to comments re: the F...D...A... letter

I have been a Gano Excel representative for over 1 1/2 years and I feel compelled to respond to the comments made in this thread.

*** It is important to note the letter was dated April 15, 2004 - almost 9 months ago (a very long time in this industry :)

Gano Excel (US and Canada) started into North America in 2003 and 2002, respectively, as an Asian company whose headquarters and organic plantations are based in Malaysia. At that time they were a 9 year old, network marketing company doing business in 14 other countries, they had over 1 million customers and did over $130 Million in sales in 2003, worldwide.

Reishi mushroom, aka ganoderma lucidum, the ingredient in all the Gano Excel product line, is commonly used in Asian countries as a health product, with over 2000 years of history. It is relatively new to North America (Vitamin C has only a 30 year history of study in N. America), in comparison to other cultures who are well-versed in Eastern holistic medicine.

The letter was acknowledged by the company`s owners, industry experts were consulted and the statements on all the company websites were changed to comply with North American standards, plus labelling was changed on some products. Distributors were warned not to make claims and same was made part of the company`s policies and procedures.

Healthy Coffee, Tea and Cocoa have been a part of the company for many years as have their supplements, personal care and skin care products. It was not a "sudden" marketing ploy to change categories :)

In order for a company to import products into the US they must have ALL their permits in place to comply with the FTC, especially after Dec. 12 of 2003, when the US import laws changed drastically. Full disclosure of all ingredients is required and the company must re-permit any new product it adds to an existing line, at a great cost to them also.

I seriously doubt that any network marketing company that exists for more than 3 or 4 years (the majority fail before then) doesn`t have some issue with the FDA, the FTC or Health Canada at some point. It is how a company responds to any allegation is the true measure of the company`s willingness to stay in business.

Unfortunately the FDA, FTC or Health Canada do not find themselves responsible for reporting back to North Americans that yes, they investigated and they were then satisfied that the company in question did indeed, meet and satisfy their requirements.

p.s. I simply say to people that "Healthy Coffee, Tea or Cocoa is a healthier choice to drinking regular coffee and if they would like to try a sample I wiould be happy to get them one. Would they prefer mocha, black, cocoa, etc.......?"
gano is a scam

I have been taking the ganoderma and the excellium for about a year. I have notice that I have forgot many of the words. It is hard for me to complete my sentences when I speak. I feel that these pills have changed my memory. I am going to report this to the FDA. I have stopped for three weeks and I can see that there is a change within my memory. I think that gano excel needs to do some research and experiments before it hits the market.

Gano is a fraud! Plain and simple.We did some research on their product and it only contains 2% gano and is loaded with caffine and sugar.The coffee it self is some second rate banana republic coffee.I had a friend try it and he is diabetic.It rose his blood sugar levels into the stratosphere.Stay away from this company and its glitzy advertising .The old saying goes if its to good to be true it is!
Gano Excel -- NOT a fraud

Gano Excel a fraud? I think not. I am a health practitioner AND a Gano Excel distributor. As of today, I now have 3 medical doctors on my Gano Excel team (one a cardiologist, one a orthopedic surgeon, and the other is an anti-aging specialist), each of them has researched and tested the coffees as well as the capsules. The ganoderma capsules contain PURE ganoderma lucidum (Reishi). The coffee, tea and cocoa contain 10% (NOT 2%). Yes, there is sugar in some of our products. We also have products that are sugar-free. The coffee content is .04 megs. I wouldn't call that "loaded with caffeine." You need to check your facts.

As for ONE friend who was diabetic who tried the coffee -- Gano Excel as a Company, as well its distributors, recommend that diabetics stick with the black coffee, tea or the capsules and avoid the beverages with sugar. What did your friend drink? Anyway, how can you make a fair judgement based on one person's experience? As for the person who posted earlier that they "lost their memory," ganoderma lucidum (the active component in the coffee) has over 40,000 pages of 3rd party clinical studies on, from universities and clinical laboratories all over the world including the prestigious UCLA School of Medicine. Check it out for yourself. Many of these studies show evidence that the mushroom SUPPORTS brain function AND blood sugars. Thye company is very careful to make NO medical claims -- the clinical studies speak for themselves. It's interesting how people will develop a bias or fear about things they do not understand.
FDA letter re: Gano Excel

The FDA letter, which I've read, was in response to what was on the Malaysian website The letter was sent April, 2004 --since then, Gano Excel has stripped all the information from the website that the FDA was concerned about and the company is in absolute compliance with FDA and FTC regulations.
Gano Excel from 3rd Rate Banana Republic producers

The organically grown beans in Gano Excel are from Brazil and Indonesia -- Gee, I didn't know that Brazil and Indonesia are "third rate Banana Rupublic" coffee producers!
gano decaf.

The onnly truth i know about gano is that it looks definativly like gano causes high stress and spaztic behavior.

Case in point: if someone bad mouths gano 10 people reply with all these "facts" about how gano has made their life so good and helped so n' so with their cronic medical problems ... now come on, calm down and switch to decaf. Mostly you 'truth'.

And the biggest point I see coming from the gano gospel is the fact that they rarely ever register! Are you all hiding something ? perhaps it is the same gano freak posting daily protecting his precious gano coffee so he can sell some more snake oil to his neighbors.

--just the assumptions i see from my observations on this forum

How about you all just keep putting caffiene into your bodies! How about reading everything! Not just what one letter states!
Yes it is being pushed! It is really great tasting and although you can only believe 1/2 of what see .... you can believe it when you try it.

I took it into the doctors office and she not only looked into it for me but is one of my #1 customers!

There are always a few people that will have "other" problems that will blame it on something! Go ahead, maybe you will feel better!

But health to all that drink Gano is my experience. Including my own family!
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