gas heated espresso


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Oct 28, 2007
I have read several people mentioning that electric powered espresso machine can be converted to gas heated machine. Can any one let me know how exactly it can be done.

Also, I am looking at purchasing a 1-group professional machine. Is there any 1-group prof machine that is gas fired? or which is the best machine that can be converted to gas fired?

I would like to use it in mobile unit.

Astoria/Sam Marino has a gas conversion kit for most of their commercial machines. I am not sure how they work, as I have never sold one. However I hear they are popular in Europe. The conversion is done during manufacture for CMA. I do not think you can just convert a standard electric element hated machine to gas yourself, although I may be wrong


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Aug 11, 2004
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Don't you mean CMA does it during the manufacturing process for the end user. Seeing CMA private labels Astoria and Wega to name a few brands.
Actually its a bit more complicated than that. CMA fully owns the Astoria, San Marino and Wega brands. The owners son runs the Astoria side of the business (Astoria is mainly sold in the USA under GEEC which the family heads up), the daughter runs the Wega brand and all the other CMA labels- San Marino, Brava, Argenta etc are run out of the main office in Susegana. They do also do some private labelling work- but it is rare these days. Worth a visit to the brand new factory if you are ever over in North-east Italy. Pretty impressive.

Chris Kay

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Feb 1, 2005
izzo make a great gas powerted lever machine.
Requiring hardly any electricity to run . You can plug it into an inverter

A gas burnerheats the boiler and brings it up to temperature.
The fact that its a lever machine means it does not require a pump.
Easy to maintain..

And sensational espresso.

Private me if you need more info on them.

And heya Alun long time.
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