Generator requirements? Decaf surprise


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Oct 26, 2007
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Some of you have trailer based operations or have set up kiosks where power is not available. Any recommendations on generators? sizes? Experience with specific manufacturers? Noise?, Exhaust?

I plan to do some espresso & coffee vending next spring in our local farmer's market, and may even try my hand at a trailer based op before then. I run a single group BrewtusII and a Bunn pourover-> airpot, and a Baratza grinder . Might consider doing a roast outside with the GeneCafe. All are 110V, and individually less than 1500 W each.

BTW my recent craft fair experience was modestly successful,(translation: broke even + with the $40 exhibit fees, purchase of syrups, etc). One of the biggest surprises was the excitement about a freshly roasted DECAF ! Who knew? It's definitely going to be in my arsenal in the future. The dark roasts were a hit also, but may have been more of an impulse sale.

Lessons learned: Find out if the food vendor also sells coffee ! :( Pretty hard to compete with free coffee! Next year I'll try to work a deal to provide ALL the coffee for the event.