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Dec 26, 2006
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Here is the letter I had to write to Gevalia this morning:

I ordered a Gevalia Tri-Pod Brewer for my mother for Christmas. When the gift was opened yesterday morning, it was not the machine I ordered. Instead, there was a "Cocoa Latte Machine." When I called customer service this morning and spoke to Roberta, she told me that she would send me a return label. And seeing as how the actual correct product would not be here for at least 3 weeks, I've decided to cancel the order entirely. When I told her that I would like a full refund, as promised on the website, in the catalog and on the packing slip, I was told that I wouldn't be credited for shipping. I paid for UPS 2nd Day Air with the promise that I would receive the proper merchandise on time for the holiday. She told me that it was policy and that it was stated on your website. Neither she nor myself could find this policy stated anywhere on the website or in the catalog that came with the wrong product. In fact she said something to the effect, "You can never find something when you need it." After exhausting any options with Roberta, who was very nice but whose hands were obviously tied, she transferred me to "Bobby," who proceeded to tell me that, no, I would not be refunded my shipping costs. He offered no customer service whatsoever, or a last name when asked. In fact, he offered zero feedback at all, except to just say no, nope and no.

I have to say that I am absolutely stunned at the lack of service I have received from you company. Why would I ever want to sign up for a service of delivery, let alone recommend your products to anyone in my family or company?! I have to return home, so my mom will be returning the wrong merchandise as soon as she receives your shipping label (Great return policy, by the way. Somebody needs to see how companies like HSN handle returns). After that, I will be sure to let everyone know the kind of service I received from Gevalia. I will also be disputing the purchase with my credit card company, so thanks for that hassle as well.

END OF LETTER. Just thought you all should know and spread the word.


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Mar 10, 2012
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Trials & Tribulations of Gevalia

The promised Gevalia refund was not so simple. I did receive an email "confirming" that the refund was processed and would be posted to my account within 3-5 business days. A week later, no posted refund. Emails went back and forth, then a 30 minute telephone call, after initiating a dispute with my credit card company. Finally I was told that the refund was on "hold", with no explanation forthcoming. I told the customer service agent that I had received an email promising me the refund, and that I was tiring of the time I wasted. I also told him that I had forwarded the "refund" email from Gevalia to my credit card company and, at this point, I would be happy to let them take over. Finally, after putting me on hold, he told me that the refund was "released".
Not only does Gevalia sell stale, sour coffee, but their customer service appears to be even worse. They certainly will extract a "pound of flesh" if one tries to get a refund.


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Mar 29, 2012
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