Glad to find this forum/coffee junkies?


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Apr 25, 2004
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Without "plugging" too much. I would like to introduce myself and the store my wife and I recently opened Coffee Stuff Store. Glad we found this forum to discuss coffee and all that fun stuff that goes with it!

Seems like there is a lot of good talk around here. Are most of the people around here coffee junkies or just cup o dayers?

We typically do about 3 vac pots per day when we are both home! other wise probably about 1 vac pot and a few shots here and there. So I guess that makes us coffee junkies. Well, unless there are people around here just guzzleing the stuff! LOL

I guess I would consider us to also be hobbyists and of course a retailer. Years ago a college buddy and i obviously thought about operating abrewery (on the north coast). Funny, coffee just seems more approriate (not to nock beer). Coffee to me any way is that food, treat, or even "daily bread" add the bonus of a caffeine buzz! whheee!

well enough wirey jibbereish. Glad to say hi to everyone. feel free to visit us. We look forard to learning and sharing about coffee with others. Looks like a good forum to do so. take care