Going all in! Toledo, OH


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Feb 28, 2019
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Hello all!

My brother and I have recently committed ourselves to starting our very own coffee roasting business in good ole Toledo, OH - our hometown. In November of 2018 we placed our order for a San Franciscan SF-6 and are still anticipating its arrival (ship date keeps moving...a story for another thread. Currently 3/8/2019), so there is plenty more to come on that! In the mean time, we are having a ton of fun going through the motions of starting a business and all of the research that goes into it - holy crap we are learning a lot. I am hoping to use this forum to build on that knowledge and also to open myself up to any questions that others may have while going through the same process.

As a bit of background, I currently work full time as an electrical engineer doing controls and my brother works full time as an avionics tech for the Air Force. So roasting will still be a fun business for us to run on the side, while not needing to be reliant on its income. We dream of having a brick and mortar location in the future but for now we will be taking advantage of farmer's markets, online sales, and other creative avenues.

Looking forward to exploring this forum!

Hello Devin,

Welcome to the Coffee Forums website.

I really like the user name that you chose for this Forum. I had to laugh when I saw it.

I wish you tons of luck with your new coffee roasting adventure.

Feel free to explore the Forum, and post questions when you're ready.

~ Rose
Welcome! There are a lot of good folks on this forum with loads of experience. It's a great place to learn ;) I look forward to following your progress.