Going to Honduras for Coffee Farm next week...


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Aug 6, 2021
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Hi Everyone!
Next week I am going to a family friend's coffee farm in Honduras to see what we can do with the farm business wise.

My idea is to either 1. Make a brand and sell coffee online or 2. Distribute coffee wholesale to Asia and Europe.

I have been doing research on import/export and whats required.

I will continue to do more research and scroll through the forums but does anyone have any tips on import/export? tips on distribution as a wholesaler? or even tips about making a coffee brand?

Thank you.
It sounds like you want to keep as much ownership of your product as possible from farm to cup. This can be possible, but difficult. If your volume is enough to fill a container (about 275 bags) then shipping to the States or Asia becomes more economical. You could sell to roasters and start exporting your neighbors coffees as well out of Honduras to boost up your volume and offerings.
Hey Jose.........look at the date of the post.

My guess ? The plans to import went no where. During covid, central America had few to no coffee pickers. The crop quality sufferred. On top of that, industry sales were sluggish as coffee shops and restaurants were often closed.... then open, then closed.