Gold filter/Grounds in the pot/What am I doing wrong?



Hi, everyone.

I have started using a gold, basket-style filter. When I brew coffee using the gold filter, a small amount of grounds ends up in my coffee pot, which I obviously don't like so much. I'd like to know whether I'm doing something wrong.

* I am using a 4-cup-size gold filter
* I am using the basket from my existing coffee maker to hold the filter while brewing -- the basket is bigger (12-cup size)

Any ideas?



I'm sorry to say, but with those type of filters you're gonna have some fine powdery grounds at the bottom no matter what. You could loosen the grind a little but that leaving your coffee under extracted.

My advice is leave that filter because you are getting all that the bean has to offer using it including oils. However, if you cannot tolerate grounds at all, i suggest going back to paper filters, which also allow some grounds through but they're so small people have already drank them before they have settled.


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Sep 17, 2005
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gold filter

Hi, I just switched from a gold filter to oxygen cleaned white filters because my coffee had been tasting like crap for years! The paper filters work like a charm. I think you need the paper to soak up some of the oils/acids. Or maybe I had a bad gold filter.

Anyway, I'm so excited I just had to share!