Good Location?

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Apr 19, 2005
I think I have found a good location to start my coffee house :D , but i would like your opnion. It is use to be a bank. It is located by a fire house, play ground, church, and a ball field. Also, it is in the same are of a small grocery store. There is a lot of traffic since the highway is about 5 miles away. Can you please let me know.



Nov 3, 2004
I'm afraid that it is not quite so simple. The location that you have described could be excellent or awful; in addition to the physical structures nearby, it is important to gain a clear picture of the consumer demographics, local competition, position and visibility of the location, accessibility of the location, as well as, direction and volume of foot and vehicle traffic, to name a few.

When developing a review of a potential location for customers, we generally work on-site collecting data for about 2 days and then generate a report with recommendations and projections after incorporating demographic information and reviewing area maps and photos; the process takes about a week to two weeks without interference from other projects. I think that making a determination of whether your location is good or bad without doing any of this work would be nothing more than a guess.

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Oct 19, 2003
Seattle,Washington USA
As C.M. says, it's hard to make a guess at it. It does take some due dilegence on your part to study before jumping into things. You also have to ask your self if you are ready to make a go of it, in addition to being ready to endure the slow times in the beginning and not be discouraged and push forward. As they say the 3 most important things are #1--Location, #2--Location, and #3--Location. Without those no matter what information you compile, you won't be successful. :wink:


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Apr 17, 2005
Modesto, CA
....and what is the cost...the building didn't make it as a bank doesn't mean it will make it as a coffee house - but then it might be perfect...most banks have drive throughs and I think thats a winner so long as your location supports traffic heading to work...