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Sep 9, 2013
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LONG VO SG Company from Vietnam, supplier of premium quality of coffee, which was 100% pure coffee bean roasted and treated in a clean process. Our products include green coffee bean and roasted coffee bean as follow:

A. Green coffee bean – not roasted:

1- Arabica (Cau Dat – Da Lat – Vietnam - height > 1500m) : Katimo - Moka
2- Robusta (Lam Ha - Lam Dong - Vietnam)

Note: The coffee beans were air dried to reach the best moisture content that can be roasted for best quality. We do not supply coffee beans with high moisture content to gain more weight.

B. Roasted coffee bean –for making excellent Italian coffee, especially Espresso. This product is suitable for Italian style coffee shop and take away coffee shop:

1. Arabica roasted coffee bean: Katimo - Moka

Katimo – Moka is a branch of Arabica coffee, which was brought from about 1930 by French to grow in Da Lat – Lam Dong. This specie of coffee is the most difficult coffee to grow in comparison with others. It is vulnerable to pest and required specific environment and treatment. In spite of the excellent taste, the productivity of this type of tree is quite low. The place that can grow this type of tree has to get at least 1500m height. Therefore it cannot be developed in Buon Me Thuoc which was called “the capital of Vietnam coffee bean”. For each year, Vietnam export more than one million tons of coffee bean, and most of them is Robusta from Buon Me Thuoc and other provinces. Thus, Katimo - Moka is one kind of special and high class coffee bean. As we can see that not many of people have had a chance to enjoy a cup of pure Moka coffee, although 80% coffee consumed in the world is Arabica. With a higher land, suitable environment and treatment, the taste of Moka becomes more excellent. In Vietnam, Moka is grown in Lam Dong Province with the average height is 1000m. However, only at the Cau Dat District of Da Lat City, a place with the height 1600, the coffee bean can give its best taste. We can consider that Moka is the queen in the coffee kingdom. The bean of Moka is bigger and better looking. Its taste is so special with a little sour. Once you enjoy a real cup of Moka, you will never forget the feeling, which is totally different from other coffee. This unique coffee is the first choice of many European and American countries.

2. Robusta roasted coffee bean (grown at Phu Son Valley - Lam Ha – Lam Dong - Vietnam):

Robusta, as its name, expresses a strong and robust taste. Robusta contains a lot of caffeine (2% - 4%). Robusta has its own attraction with unique scent.

In this moment, there are many coffee products that cannot reach the quality and standard for coffee machine using. As some products are mixtures with other type coffee bean in order to lower the price for unfair competition. Besides, low quality coffee beans cause many damage to the grinder Espresso machine. We commit to ensure the quality of our coffee product and will change the new products for clients if they can prove that the products of us contain other low quality coffee beans that were different from our standard when checking before shipping. This is to protect our value customers and to build up a brand of high class coffee manufacturer. It also can maintain the essence in making Italian style coffee.

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