Green Coffee from my family farm in Guatemala in los angeles


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May 18, 2014
California / Sweden
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Hi to all of you Coffee lovers!

My name is Kristoffer Eklund Cuestas,
am fourth generation in my family (Cuestas) in the coffee Agriculture where we have for many years
work to find the ultimate Arabica bean,Am half Swedish half from Guatemala,
after I was done with my education, I decided to start buying and selling the coffee that comes directly from my family farms
into the Nordics, las year 2014 we decided to come in to the USA market, where we offer our clients to purchases our green coffee beans that we have in our ware house in Los Angeles, today we have 3 containers of Arabica from 84 to 86 points.

I invited you to read more about us

please contact us for more information about the green coffee we have for sell and ready to deliver to your door

from the crop to your roastery to your clients cups.

all the best have a great weekend

Best regards,

Kristoffer Eklund

Cel: +46 763935012
USA: +1 818 456 3163
Adress: 941 2 street,Los Angeles CA 90012

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