Grinder Ascaso 2 CDpa i1-i2 : clean disassemble and assemble


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Jul 20, 2022
The Spanish professional coffee grinder Ascaso is one of the most useful in bars, cafes and many restaurants around the world. Known as one of the best high quality coffee grinder , Ascaso is also used in many homes. Both Ascaso models i1 and i2 are made from special tempered steel , same steel used in many high performance professional grinders. The machine design of Ascaso i1 and Ascaso i2 is almost the same. The difference between the two coffee grinders is insignificant, especially that in the model i1 the group is made of brass, and the milling wheels are steel, and the model i2 the grinding group is made of plastic, and the grinding cones are made of steel.In this video you will see How to clean coffee grinder . The coffee grinder cleaning is the step between dismantling and assembly . So I will show you How to dismantle and How to assemble coffee grinder machine Ascaso i2 .


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Aug 15, 2005
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