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Apr 28, 2009
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Coffeehouse owners who know, depend on Harvest Roasting

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We go back more than 10 years:

Excerpt from our background taken from harvestroasting.com

In the beginning, when Don created Scooter's Java Express, it was small and empty, and Don said "Let there by a supplier, who can supply everything I need to run my store effectively", and then Don discovered he is not God, so he would have to build one himself, and so he created Harvest Roasting.

And Don saw that it was good!

We found, early on, that finding a quality supplier was easier said than done.  As a result Harvest Roasting became that quality supplier. Today we supply more than 75 Scooter's Coffeehouse stores around the [U.S.], along with numerous other quality independent coffee houses.  One thing you can count on.. everything we sell is the best of the best.

For 10 years, Harvest Roasting has been supplying superior products and customer service to the best coffee houses in the Midwest.  

Our specialty grade and premium grade coffee beans are gently roasted for a rich smoothness, not regularly found in other coffee or espresso beans.

Our syrups and sauces are the best available.. Monin and Mont Blanc.  Our smoothie mixes are Dr. Smoothie "real" fruit smoothie concentrates.

Our cups and lids are triple insulated Dixie Comfort Cups…no sleeve required.  And our prices are the best around.. by far.

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