Hello from Colombia, Delgus Coffee 100% Organic

The purity of our coffee comes first, that guarantees its high quality.

Our coffee is born near the Sierra Nevada de Santa
Marta. There the ancestral indigenous peoples known as the Arhuacos, they consider these lands as sacred.

We have more than 60 years harvesting coffee and living from the agriculture of our land. The founder of the producing farm has been plowing the land since he was 12 years old (Now he is 77 years old).

I am one of 9 brothers, all of us grew up thanks to the coffee that all of us have worked our entire lives. I always was drying the coffee at natural, with the sun until I reached university.

We sow, harvest, dry, thresh, roast, grind, pack and distribute the finished product.

If you are interested on our product please contact us at whats app +573157563851

Thank you very much for your time.

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