Has anyone dealt with Concession Connection?


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Jan 26, 2005
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Hello all,

We are looking to open a drive-thru coffee/juice smoothie stand. However, we are the first drive-thru in the area, S. Illinois, and are aware that it may take time to influence the habits of the area. To offset this potential problem, we are hoping to sell at local festivals, of which there are many in the summer and early fall months, a few weekends; although this is contingent upon the stand struggling in town.

To achieve this we need to be portable and self-contained. I have researched many styles, vans, trailers, etc., and find Concession Connection to offer the best overall product for the money. Has anyone ever dealt with this company, or know some one who has? They seem well established, but I wonder about the equipment they are installing?

Here is a link: http://www.concessionconnection.com/coffee.htm

What do you all think?

Thanks ton for any and all information,
Wow, looks like a nice rig.

Do you know what types of espresso machine and grinders are offered?

What's the pricing on it?

Kinda hard to make an evaluation without those bits of information.