Has anyone used a Synesso Machine?


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Mar 10, 2008
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I received a free one when they first came out. Entrants had to use their \"old\" coffee pot in a unique way. I did mine as a Christmas centerpiece.
Anyway, I wanted a free one because I didn''t want to pay the high cost and be disappointed.
I still use my \"old\" coffee pot, but the Senseo is very nice when the \"old\" one is out or I want a cup in the middle of the day or whatever reason for not making a \"pot\" of coffee.
As for the taste: it''s ok
Availability and brand of pods are readily available in most grocery stores. I think Senseo is still the better brand, but it seems all major coffee brands are into making the pods.
I do not think I would spend the money they ask for them. I really thought they would come down in price.
Hope this helps.


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Jan 4, 2008
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Funny stuff...

Ok,ok, rimi you are cracking me up. Senseo is a cheap plastic constructed single serve coffee maker that uses pre-ground pod coffee.
The Synesso is a high end espresso machine made in Seattle, WA by an old La Marzocco technician named Mark Barnett. These machines are thought of by many to be the top-tier espresso machine! Better than La Marzocco because they are designed with more care, the heads hold heat better and because they can be fine tuned to decimals of a degree for perfect temperature stability. Many cafes are using the Synesso and it has actually become pretty common in the Seattle area. The bakery down the street (The Upper Crust) from me uses a two group Synesso and they love it! Victrola Coffee Roasters use 3-group synesso machines and swear by them. I don't think you can go wrong with a Synesso. From what I've heard they are becoming the industry standard for consistant espresso. Plus the fact that they are mostly stainless steel and monstrous makes them hard to resist. Hope that helps!


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Mar 10, 2008
Milwaukee, WI
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I used a two group Synesso at my old job (beverage distributor). I LOVED it. It's a great machine for those who love the artistry that comes with making drinks. If you get one, you wont be disappointed. 8)


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Aug 7, 2007
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It's the best

The Synesso is, hands down, the best Espresso machine on the market, worth every penny. Maintenance is super easy, not least because these machine are designed to not break in the first place.

We have had a Synesso for the last two years, and we have enjoyed every day with it.


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Jul 24, 2007
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I researched Synesso when we opened our shop a year ago. We were all set to buy a three group. A local espresso servicing company called to let us know they have a refurbished La Marzocco for less than half the cost of the Synesso. Since we were $25,000 over budget on construction, we decided to go with the LM.

We have been very happy with our 4 group Linea, but I still dream of the day I can get a Synesso. I was an electronics technician in the Navy and I have a great deal of experience with equipment maintnenance and calibration, so I decided I would be able to service the Synesso myself since there was not a service provider in our area. I spoke with them and they offered to let me spend a day or two in the shop and build a Synesso to learn it inside and out.

When we were still undecided, we travelled to Boulder, CO to the nearest Synesso in operation. It was the best latte I had had in a very long time.
If you have the $$ to get a Synesso, I think you will love it. I will be replacing our La Marzocco with one at some point in the future...

Good luck,
JD Anderson

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