Health benefits of Caffeine

There are positives and negatives to everything and people are always going to promote their preferential side of the story.

I thought the NASA study on spiders was pretty funny actually. But, I've done some things that would kill a spider, a thousand times over... and I'm still alive & kickin'. What makes a spider spin a nonsensical web design, just makes me a little more energized throughout the day.

I wonder how a spider would fare with just a few drops of Vodka! LOL.

Heh heh.
I agree with the post that said there are positives and negatives -- you can't put coffee/caffeine into a single box and label it. In moderation, it can provide benefits and the negatives are limited when you control your intake sensibly.

Coffee is not really bad for health, you just have to be moderate on drinking. As I've read on other sites it helps to prevent diabetes and other diseases, you can find many information on the net just explore it. There's Mr.Google! a very good friend. haha!
Jeetkun -- it's not bad for your health, generally speaking and given the fact that it should be consumed in moderation. By that I mean 2-3 cups a day tops...anything more than that on a consistent basis could lead to health problems.

Caffeine have many health benefits like Its Bronchodialator , Enhances enduarnce, increase memory, detoxes the liver, stimulate hair growth, ease depression.
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I want to tell you the one thing that it is found on the lives and some kind of generates plants.The caffeine is a fat burner.It help to the Improvement in the brain work.It helps to protect the liver and all the types of illness.
Caffeine's jolt may do more than just keep you awake. A new study supports the health benefits of coffee by showing how caffeine's antioxidant activity fights damage-causing free radicals.

coffee is one of the richest sources of antioxidants in the average person's diet. But little is known about how these antioxidants, including caffeine, work against free radicals.
There is no best way to lose belly fat. If you want to get rid of flabby love handles and excess layers of stomach fat, you need a good mix of exercise and diet. Most people prefer to use various slimming pills and teas to burn the fat, but these offer temporary benefits and will not do anything to change the physiology of your body.
I've a golden rule for my life, "nothing is bad until you become addicted of it", and I'm hopeful that
you have got it. Just don't make caffeine your weakness and everything is fine. :)White Lake Boot Camp
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I think the caffeine is very healthy towards a health.It gives you a energy to your body and also it gives inner confidence in to your mind and work in to alert it.
caffeine is an excellent adenosine impersonator. In fact, when the two rivals jockey for the same parking space, caffeine wins. "If caffeine is plugged into the adenosine receptors, adenosine can't do its job," says Lovallo. "And this causes your central nervous system to run at a faster rate." Thus you experience the classic and often sought-after caffeine jolt. Here's how to make it work for just about every part of your body.