Health Dept. codes ?


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Sep 29, 2004
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I'm starting to implement my roasting business plan and have been able to do so by way of the feedback in this forum, So thank you for that.

Just a heads up, I will have many more questions to come ! :)

Like....Are there any health dept. codes I need to be concerned with when starting my roasting business;storage/minimum roasting temps/etc. Are coffee beans considered a food product ?

what about building codes. Do I need to be concerned with the emissions from the roaster ?

I realize each state/town has it own rules but I was wondering what other roasters have encountered during their startup.
Larosan...where are you located in FL? I am here in Jacksonville..what size roaster are you going to be roasting on? Smaller roasters(depending on where you are) do not always need afterburners.
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I have since moved north (NJ). I guess I need to update my profile. :)

I'll be using a Diedrich IR3 countertop roaster to start with.