Santoker Sedona Elite 2020 questions


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Jan 18, 2024
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I'm a new roaster and I have a Santoker Sedona Elite 3200dws, year 2020. It runs on gas and not electric.

I've been having an issue with the pressure gauge when starting the igniter after turning it on. It will shoot all the way up to 5 and you can't turn it down. Turning off the roaster and letting it sit for about an hour seems to help. This happened to me about a week ago and then again earlier today. I've been having a hard time finding any information on the gas version of this roaster, and according to the Buckeye Coffee Roaster's website there aren't very many of these floating around due to covid and the tariffs that were implemented in 2020, so I imagine that has something to do with it.

I've wondered if I need to replace the pressure gauge maybe? I don't want to do that yet just in case this is a more straightforward issue, like user error or something.

Has anyone else had this issue? Also, does anyone know where I can find some resources on information about this specific roaster? Thank you!