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Feb 9, 2023
Vicksburg, MS
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Hello all! Novice roaster here roasting on an IR 2.5 for the past month or so. I’ve been roasting a Brazil for my practice roasts and for whatever reason I cannot seem to get a roast without some degree of scorching. My primary roast profile is to charge at 400, burners off until turning point, gas on 5 throughout the roast, 50/50 air from about 270-300 to get rid of chaff, and then full air from first crack until the end, dropping at 420. I’ve tried adjusting the batch weight, the gas level, the charge temp, and the air flow with no success. Is a bit of scorching inevitable on certain beans? Is there something else I could be missing? Any possible profiles I could try to see if anything changes? I feel terrible having burned through 50 or so roasts already with scorching in every single batch. Thanks so much in advance for any tips or advice and happy roasting! ☺️
Post a picture and profile.. easier to see that way. In general, scorching occurs because the drum is too hot. The fact you have the gas turned off until turning tells me that's probably the situation. And something to be aware of - Brazilian coffees are typically grown at lower altitudes. When they are grown at a lower altitude, the density of the beans is lower than high growth. When beans are lower density, they require less energy to roast. Depending on how it was processed, the more coffee is naturally processed (Brazil often does pulp natural) they are generally easier to scorch due to the higher sugar content in the seed.

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