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Feb 21, 2006
Statesboro, GA
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Would the heat source (gas, electric, fire) change the roasted taste of a bean?

I'm planning to buy/build a roaster and experiment at home sometime down the road, and I was curious about that. I'm not sure How I feel about an electric roaster. It seems as it wouldn' taste as good.

most likely when I get ready i'm going to attempt pan roasting
To me....electric hot air (fluid bed) doesn't have the same body...possibly underdeveloped taste...that is just me...I roast with gas..and have roasted on the little hot air roasters...but they seemed a bit flat. but then again I do not sell either...only use them...what do I know :wink:
I have to agree with Topher...I've used 'em all...drum roasters (gas - propane and natural), electric roasters and fluid bed roasters. Honestly, electric heat is dry and really what it does is bake the beans, not roast them. Gas heat has different properties as do the resulting beans.

Where Topher errs is that fluid-bed roasters use forced air, but not necessarily electric heat. The Sonofresco roaster is a gas roaster, but the flames never get near the beans!

I'm the kind of guy that likes to pick the right tool for the job. I don't hammer tacks with the handle of a screwdriver! If you are going to construct a small home roaster, electric heat will serve you well. If you are going to build a traditional drum roaster, you should really consider gas heat. You can get parts for a gas grill just about anywhere - whereas getting electric heating elements may not be as readily available.

Send pics of your prototype. If your roaster design is any good, I'll let you sell them through my store!